Truth and Choices of BBW Free Dating

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  10. To be honest I haven't always shared with my husband when I haven't obeyed something. Sometimes I have allowed it to slide because frankly I didn't want to deal with the aftermath at that particular moment. However I usually own up to it later. Sometimes he just knows. Sometimes I email it to him.
  12. My life has changed once again to working full time and I enjoy it and my mother has moved in with us and she has been in the hospital plus one of our daughters is pregnant and she needs me too. Those are just a few things.
  14. More health issues have crept up and my husband told me to stay home from church today to sleep, that my health is more important and I just need some down time. I appreciate that but the whole time I tried to sleep the more I stayed awake. When he came home I told him simply that I couldn't sleep. He wasn't mad just concerned for me.
  16. My husband knows me well and he knows when I need rest many times he will come home and simply inform me that he is making dinner tonight and tells me to go rest. If I insist on making dinner for him as he has been working all day too he tells me to leave the kitchen. So normally I go.
  18. I do like to obey him and being disobedient does not always mean a spanking (although sometimes it does)many times he just takes charge by taking over if that makes sense.
  20. I appreciate how he takes care of me and how we actually take care of each other.
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