There is no perfect moment to meet BBW

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  14. His ability to override any objections I might have to doing as I am told, and to make me mentally compliant, is much more interesting to me, and more of a turn-on, than any physical coercian could be. I suppose if you are a person who can't be physically overpowered very easily then physical force takes on more significance, but if you are, like me, a woman who could be physically overcome by just aobut any many, then it has less importance.
  16. Louise
  18. by Louise C on 2006 Sep 15 - 05:17 | reply to this comment
  19. Looks etc...
  20. You need someone you're physically attracted to plus sexually and otherwise compatible with. Some strong fit men are dominant and others aren't. I do find quiet reserved men in fairly subservient positions at work and in life not attractive to me and I'm sure a lot of them are perfectly nice and very dominant men with their women but it doesn't quite work for me simply because I need someone to fit into my rather alpha type life and I'm quite fit etc too so just like to match that up. But I'm not hung up on height, size and slim is much better than unhealthily obese ... yuck..
  22. For me Taken In Hand/D/S is in the mind and that is by far the most important thing I seek.
  24. by Hera on 2006 Sep 15 - 09:08 | reply to this comment
  25. Being Alone
  26. Actually, Dee, I found the right man for me when I had gotten completely over the panic and felt quite comfortable being alone. I came to feel that "it would be nice" if a man came along but it wasn't necessary. At the same time however, it took a change in perspective to see that what I thought I'd wanted since adolescence wasn't really the right type of man for me after all.

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