Seduction into male dominance

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  14. Coming out of your shell isn’t as hard as it sounds. For my day job I’m a construction worker and from Monday-Friday I’m outside working in NYC with tons of beautiful women passing me by on a daily basis. 9 times of 10 I’m not trying to escalate or do anything forward with them. I keep it vanilla and polite with a simple “good morning” or “hello”. If you’re having trouble just speaking to women you can start with the aforementioned vanilla greetings as an exercise. The goal of this exercise is to get your mind confident in speaking up and initiating conversation with people. Also, you’re going to have many women that won’t respond back. If they don’t want to respond then fuck em. Who cares? Don’t place so much emphasis on every single person in this world that gives you a hard time or the cold shoulder. We all have problems; we’re all human.
  16. Now, any shy or tight-mouthed male reading this, no matter if it’s the day I’m writing it or 3 years from now, I want you to go out there tomorrow and for every woman whether a college student or schoolteacher passing by say hello or good morning. If you get a positive vibe from one of the ladies that interest you then by all means initiate the conversation further and see where it takes you. Remember there aren’t any magical pick up lines to get laid. Social maturity is much more effective in the art of seduction. Stop making excuses and looking for an easy way out because you’re only fucking yourself over.
  18. “Grab that dick and put it in your mouth” his eyes were soft, unmatched with the aggression in his tone. “Put it in the back of your throat. Don’t stop until you choke. ”
  19. Tears in my eyes I complied. I gagged and choked. He moaned. How did I get here? Only moments ago we were kissing gently as he stroked my cheeks. He was so tender with me. I always revered foreplay with him. A few laughs, dancing and just being silly. I was so comfortable with him. I never had to pretend. I was simply myself, flaws and all. His kisses were so tender. My eyes fluttered as I floated in a warm river of rose petals under a starry sky.
  20. It always began this way. His kisses grew deeper. Lust in his eyes a low growl in his throat. I could feel is need growing along with the thickness that lay untouched on his thigh. Squeezing my breast his tongue traveled down to my neck. My breath quickened and I began to squirm as my G-String grew wetter. His hands traveled between my thick thighs and I moaned in anticipation. Quickly finding my clit he teased me like he had known my body for decades. My moans got louder. His mouth explored my nipples one by one in rhythm with his fingers. I was in ecstasy. Gently he slid his finger inside my warmth instantly finding my G-Spot and working his fingers like magic. My wide hips rocked against his hands as I cried in pleasure. Quickly feeling my orgasm approaching I bit down on his shoulder.

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