Craigslist Free Dating in Present

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  12. So I don't know why feminists are the ones blamed. Women got tired of not being taken seriously, and decided to do something about it.
  14. It's also true that we can't always do as we please, things have to get done. Not every man can up and change careers or start his own business midstream, and it seems to me that it is very unrealistic to put that demand on men. "Make more money" is actually an old fashioned woman's nag! If there's a shortage, there are two able bodied adults present, one hopes, and the slack can be picked up by the wife too.
  16. The simple truth is that a lot of women who'd like to stay home have to work, and have to park their own kids in a crummy daycare situation so they can wipe some more privileged child's nose. Yes, it can be worked out to have the wife stay home...if you are solidly middle class.
  18. Finally...if she just is receptive and gives back less than she receives, and so on, where exactly is she obeying her husband? Obviously he is not requiring her to do anything she truly doesn't wish to do..or if it is necessary he is allowing her to do it in her own sweet time. Where is she obeying him? What does obedience look like if all you need to do is receive and be the "feminine energy" presence in the home?
  20. "Pat"
  22. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2006 Jan 27 - 23:41 | reply to this comment
  23. True Obedience
  24. Louise, I have been following your page “Letting Yourself Go” with interest, and I loved how you described your views there. What jumped out at me is when Sarah said this:

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