Dating an American single man online

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  12. GO SPANK YOUR WIFE... she's waiting for you to do it so go DO IT NOW... NO EXCUSES... then discuss it later ;)
  14. Regards,
  16. Fosti
  18. A readers' forum post by a Taken In Hand reader on Mon, 10/01/2005 - 06:54 | reply to this comment
  19. Refocus your thinking
  20. A readers' forum post by Sarah Cavendish on Mon, 10/01/2005 - 07:16 | reply to this comment
  21. Tom, I totally agree with Fosti's wonderful advice to move your focus from the question of whether or not you are naturally dominant (which is not really relevant actually) to what makes you both happy in your relationship. Think of yourself as an evolving person rather than an immutable entity. Forget about wiring or lack thereof. Concentrate on what happens now and what the two of you want to do in the future.
  23. You have had an amazing amount of stress. You probably have a lot on your mind. So instead of trying to make a massive global change overnight, you might want to try smaller steps – baby steps – that won't seem so overwhelming that you end up making no change.
  25. And when it does seem overwhelming, or you feel as though you have not got time to take your wife in hand, keep in mind that if you do, you are likely to feel as happy as you did in those two weeks, or more so. Being in a bad state of mind makes it very difficult to solve problems or deal with difficult situations. Feeling happy will give you the strength to face your stressful life problems more effectively. So ultimately, moving into a Taken In Hand relationship will not be a burden or more work, it has the potential to make life feel easier for you.

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