Good luck with american single men

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  10. I would rather think that a woman who submits to her husband out of religious beliefs also does so because it pleases her to be submissive, than that she is martyring herself for her religion. That would seem rather sad, to be living in a relationship her whole adult life, that is not really to her liking.
  12. Charlotte, have you asked women in your religious faith whether they have struggled against their preference to be in an equal relationship, in order to force themselves to conform to submitting to their husbands? How many have really done that? How many pretend to submit but really don't? How many who really have gone against their wishes are truly happy and feel good about it rather than feeling stifled?
  14. I think what Louise is trying to point out is that once religion is the criterion then consent and choice go out the window. It's no longer a Taken in Hand relationship because that is one that is assumed to involve choice and consent. It's just imposed on every woman who follows that particular faith, like a cookie cutter or a procrustean bed.
  16. No, life isn't easy, but a woman who would push herself into that cookie cutter against her true desires would not, in my view, be in a happy marriage and thereby deriving pleasure.
  18. "Pat"
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  21. Re: If it doesn't give you pleasure, why do it?
  22. "I find it very difficult to understand why any woman would want to regard her husband as being in charge if this did not give her pleasure, but perhaps it's a Puritanical thing. Maybe it's all right to defer to your husband as long as you don't enjoy it."

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