Valuing Single American Men

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  14. Most of all, I find the BDSM/kink/leather community unappealing because of their inclusion of all varieties of D/s. I am only interested in masculine domination and feminine submission; and I find the opposite downright repugnant, personally. That does not mean that I'm "narrow-minded" or that I would interfere with their right to their own preferences. It just means that I have a right to my preferences, too.
  16. I don't mind gay men's D/s at all, and sometimes even find it appealing, in a naughtily voyeuristic way. But I really don't like to see women posturing at sexual "domination" - it doesn't seem natural to me, or authentic. Mainly, Femdom/malesub is a big turn-off for me, because what I most enjoy seeing is men dominating women, so something that's the exact opposite of what I find most appealing is very unappealing.
  18. And with regard to the potential existence of a loving man who enjoys pushing his woman around: you are just plain wrong. You are theoretically wrong, because you are committing the logical fallacy of excluding the middle ground; and you are empirically wrong, because some of us have had relationships like that, and they work well. See Eric's post and Tevemer's, too.
  20. And I once had a boyfriend who was a black belt when I was learning karate, and we spent maybe 15 hours a week practicing - which involved not just pushing, but punching, kicking, sparring, throwing on the ground, and etc. I felt much safer with him than I would have felt with a man who was not a trained martial artist; because he was very aware of the risks and how to ensure safety. But he certainly did enjoy getting physical with me, and I enjoyed it as well. Often it ended in some rough-and-tumble sex. Strangely, though, it never really got into the realm of dominance and submission. He once hinted at spanking, and another time dangled a pair of handcuffs at me provocatively; both times I giggled at him, because I thought all that stuff was silly, and that was the end of it. (It's just as well, probably, because while I loved him a lot, he was not really the right man for me.)

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