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  15. Sharmar11
  16. I beg to differ and honestly your lack of understanding is insulting. You have had quite a few comments that I found intriguing and bang on to what I have gone through – obviously, there are a lot more people going through it than I had thought.
  18. Am I missing something? Is this site not a place where people can come and leave comments? Comments without getting attacked because these people are unable to have an open mind that you can relate to? I am not sure I understand why if people are coming from another site that you show such disdain. It really confuses me.
  20. I for one, found the letter above insulting as I am a second wife that has given way more than I should have to a woman who is just a miserable, vindictive wench. And, yet she has the nerve to place the blame everywhere except where the blame belongs….with her.
  22. Second, I am looking forward to the next letter – because I am hopeful that it will not only put the first wife in her place; but to take her golden and entitled uterus and wrap it around her neck and tightly.
  24. PostDivorceCoach
  25.  I don’t have any issues with people who come here to comment when that comment lends itself to a good discussion or even debate.  What I do take issue with is when people come here and take what is written and turn it into a personal attack on the writer.  The playground for that type of action is in the private forum where you all found this in the first place, not here.
  27. And, yes, if your husbands ex is a vindictive miserable wench I could see why you would, but you can’t see the other side of the coin?  Every ex wife is like the one that was married to your husband?
  29. I would have to beg to differ with that one.  Just like every second wife is not like the one described above.
  31. I have heard over and over about how closed minded I am for this post, when the fact is you are all closed minded that it could be the other way.  Have you read some of my posts…or for that matter ANY of them??

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